blend of olives

sopa de calabaza
creamy pumpkin soup with toasted pistachios, cranberries and
goat butter

spinach salad, fresh seasonal fruit, shaved fennel, slivered almonds, with a coriander and vanilla bean vinaigrette

patatas bravas
crispy potatoes, brava sauce, topped with paprika aioli 

patatas con chorizo
herb potatoes and spanish chorizo

meatballs roasted in a sweet red piquillo pepper sauce 

seasoned beef or chicken with a spicy brava sauce 

croquetas de pollo
chicken croquettes topped with a paprika aioli and red piquillo smoked sauce 

queso de cabra
goat cheese baked in a tomato-basil sauce, and toasted bread 

datiles con chorizo
chorizo stuffed dates wrapped in bacon with a sweet piquillo pepper red sauce 

alcachofas salteadas
grilled artichoke hearts with lemon, olive oil, garlic and herbs 

jumbo spicy shrimp sautéed in spices with a creamy garlic butter sauce 

chicken or steak sliders with a piquillo pepper sauce and side of potatoes

saffron rice with shrimp, clams, bell peppers, sweet peas, and grilled spanish chorizo 

pechuga de pollo
grilled chicken breast, portabella mushrooms, sherry dijon
mustard sauce

solomillo de buey
grilled hangar steak, spinach, slivered almonds, raisins, with creamed potatoes

braised lamb, swiss chard, red onion and romesco sauce 

braised pork belly, toasted farro, fig and apple cider reduction, shaved apples 

filo dough with mushrooms, leeks, spanish cheeses, topped with an organic poached egg on a bed of smoked tomato coulis 

seta a la plancha
grilled portabella mushroom, garbanzo beans, shaved fennel 

piquillos al fuego
piquillo peppers stuffed with spanish cheeses, chopped portabella mushrooms, lemon chickpea puree, topped with fennel and garlic cream sauce 

vieiras salteadas
sea scallops dusted with smoked paprika, porcini mushroom sauce, caramelized onions, mushrooms, serrano ham – mp

pesca del dia
chef’s featured preparation of fresh fish/seafood – mp


cocas (crispy spanish style flat bread)

veggie coca:  blend of spanish cheeses, olives, grilled onion and piquillo peppers 

pear and serrano ham coca:  blend of spanish cheeses, sliced pears, serrano ham, walnuts, drizzled with a balsamic reduction 


quesos de españa
(all cheeses accompanied with fruit and almonds)

manchego – 12-month aged (sheep)
cave aged and has a piquant, slightly salty flavor, with the characteristic sheep’s milk aftertaste

mahón (cow)
sweet and fruity  with a sea salt aftertaste

garrotxa (goat)
flavor of strong, yet sweet goat milk, the cheese is slightly soft, pure white with an aftertaste of fresh walnuts

la peral (cow, sheep, goat)
lightly blued and delicious mixed milk cheese, subtle and sweet, with a soft, slightly crumbly texture that finishes rich and creamy

idiazabel (sheep)
lightly smoked over beechwood, hawthorn, or cherry, slight smoky quality that adds to the rich, nutty flavor and firm texture

(all desserts are made in house)

crema catalana
creamy vanilla and cinnamon custard 

pastel de chocolate
rich warm chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and vanilla bean gelato 

rosquillas y chocolate caliente
cinnamon and sugar dough with warm chocolate ganache